No other year in recent history brought as much anticipation or excitement as the Millennium. To the delight of thousands of hybrid vehicle fans, 2000 was the first year Toyota Prius hit American shores.

If there’s ever been a benchmark year for the Toyota Prius, it was 2009. The biggest news came from Toyota, when they announced that the 3rd generation Prius offers an EPA-estimated combined 50 mpg rating.*


During the Prius 10th Anniversary Celebration, over a hundred of our biggest fans were asked to help reveal the future of Prius.

Help the Prius community solve the latest puzzle to reveal another glimpse of the newest Prius family member.

The first two Prius puzzles have been solved, and there’s only one more to go.

Toyota Prius owners love being creative, so we partnered with Little Big Planet 2 for a contest that would push their imaginations to new levels.

Dry your tears potential record-setter. Prius Records lives on. Click through to find out how to etch your name in stone for all eternity.

The Charged Life documentary series examines pioneers in their own fields, as inspired by the ultimately innovative Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

America’s favorite hybrid has reached an epic milestone: one million Prius vehicles have been sold across the country. This was celebrated with free, unique badges for Prius drivers.

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