No. 010Prius Records

Inspired by a record-setter in its own right − Toyota Prius − we bring you this two-day record-setting event. For each ten-hour day, we’re going to set as many records as possible. Not only will we feature breathtaking accomplishments that dazzle the mind, we’ll also ask for your help in coming up with record ideas. So be sure to submit your ideas and check out the amazing featured records below.

And who doesn’t want to be a world-record holder? Go to URDB.org/PriusRecords to break our Prius Records on your own.

Record Submission Zone

Select items to include in your record suggestion. Then suggest your record. If it’s good, we might do it live. Simple.

  • Bouncy Balls (50)
  • Pool Noodles (25)
  • Pin Wheels (25)
  • Stuffed Animals (25)
  • Binder Clips (50)
  • Mexican Wrestling Mask
  • Ping Pong Balls (4)
  • Kazoo (4)
  • Various Wigs (10)
  • Wrapping Paper



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